Wireless Order Management

Wireless Order Management:

A growing challenge for many businesses is the need to effectively handle their telecom services order management especially the wireless order managementpiece, Wireless order management has become more complex as a result of companies having multiple wireless Carriers, expanding smarts phone market, increasing technological capabilities, more mobile hardware (not stocked by the Carrier) options,   and the overall need for these devices themselves.

Wireless Order Services Management Market:

Most companies find themselves operating in a more dynamic environment every day.  This drives the need for more wireless devices and more complex wireless services.  In addition to the ordering requirements for new wireless devices, companies are also tasked with supporting tier one help desk needs including upgrades, replacing broken devices, ports, changes, swaps, market transfers, etc.  In addition to these ordering requirements there is always end user demand for mobile device accessories as well.

Telecom service order management has become more difficult and time consuming as a result of the demand and change taking place as a result of technology driving the needs of end users and the company as a whole.

Best Wireless Services Order Management Solution:

There are many keys when it comes down to effective telecom order management especially wireless order management.  One Source Mobile believes the best wireless order management solution should include the following;

  • Ability to place orders for all Carriers, all services, all devices, and all device accessories from a single point of contact.
  • Having an effective and easy to use telecom order management software that will allow you to not only place all new orders, but also allow you to easily handle all tier one help desk requirements as well (upgrades, swaps/replacements, ports, market transfers, etc).
  • Having the ability to track orders for all devices and all Carriers from a single point verses having to use each Carriers ordering system to track orders
  • The ability to order corporate mobile device accessories for all devices, all Carriers, all makes, all models on the same ordering system
  • The ability to track all the assets once they have been purchased
  • The ability to track current inventory that can be re-deployed to new users without having to incur disconnect penalties
  • The ability to order Carriers stocked mobile hardware as well as Non Stocked hardware that works on the Carriers network (Trimble, Honeywell, Motorola, Intermec, etc)
  • Smart, effective, and accurate order reporting that provides your company the ability to break all service, hardware, and mobile accessory cost down so your company can clearly understand its overall wireless program cost and develop wireless program budgets

One Source Mobile offers all of these value added order management solutions and even more to our Customers!

Wireless Order Management:

One Source Mobile offers the best Wireless Order Management Services solution in the country.  We have processed more than 100,000 wireless order requests for the Fortune 500, Federal Government, and for smaller to medium size companies as well.  Our Customers can utilize our proprietary wireless order management software that also provides them with key TEM services features as well or we can provide wireless order management simply by using our Customers internal ordering systems.  Our wireless order management services will allow your company to see dramatic process improvements as well as substantial program savings

  • We do all the work for you:  We handle all new ads as well as our all tier one help desk needs.  This is all inclusive in our wireless order management services
  • Orders get done faster with fewer errors.  We place orders faster than the Carriers do and with less errors
  • Single order point for all carriers:  We will do the orders for all your Carriers through one point of contact.  You can
  • Multiple order options:  We allow you to order via one central ordering person, via multiple Authorized Order Placers throughout the country, or even vie each end user/employee placing their own order.
  • Reduction in staff time:  We do all the work for you so your staff can spend time on other internal requirements
  • Reduce unnecessary cost:  We monitor all cost closely.  This means we insure that all orders are in compliance with company’s policy (rate plan, hardware, accessories, etc).  We insure all orders are placed correctly, and we keep you up to speed on latest Carriers offerings, promotions, and discounts.
  • Monitor contract
  • Reduce staff requirements:  We do all the work, there is no need for multiple staff members doing order management any longer
  • Reduce Carrier errors: We manage the Carriers for you to insure they are implementing favorable contract terms and that they fulfill their service obligations.  We also closely monitor all Carrier activity for ordering errors that they might make
  • We offer the top wireless accessory order management solution in the country.  We provide our Customers with a single point of contact for all accessories make, model, and brand for all Carriers.  We offer Premium Aftermarket and OEM accessories at a 19% to 40% lower cost than the Carriers best national accessory discount

To find out more about the top wireless order management program in the country, contact One Source Mobile at (877) 284-3031 or w-mail us atsale@onesourcemobile.com. You can also visit our website at