Wireless Accessory Order Management

Wireless Accessory Order Management:

Did you know One Source Mobile has the top wireless accessory order management program in the country? We have the only true corporate based mobile device accessory ordering program in the country. Our accessory ordering program was developed for small, medium, and large enterprise business accounts. We work with the top companies in the world to provide them the same products they buy from the Carriers at a 26% lower cost on average, with faster ship times, better tracking, executive reporting, and great Customer service.

Why Our Wireless Accessory Order Management Program Is the Best in the Country

  • Single Place for All Carrier Accessory Orders
  • We Offer a Free Custom Ordering Portal for All Accessory Purchases
  • We offer Free TEM Software: our software will not only help you manage your wireless program, but you can also order wireless accessories easily via our proprietary TEM software
  • We Offer OEM Accessories and Premium Aftermarket Accessories
  • We offer accessories for Cell Phone Accessories, Smart Phone Accessories, iPhone Accessories, Blackberry Accessories, Droid Accessories, and for All Other Devices as Well
  • Savings of 19% to 40% off Of The Carriers Best Wireless Accessory Discounts
  • Track All Accessory Orders for All Carriers Easily and In One Place
  • We Offer Best Wireless Accessory Selection: order corporate wireless accessories for all devices, all Carriers, all models, all models on the same ordering system
  • Easily Track All Wireless Accessory Orders
  • No Minimum Orders Amounts
  • Carry Wireless Accessory Inventory On Site
  • We Provide Executive Reporting On All Accessory Sales, Cost, and Activity
  • We Provide All Accessories (Wireless Accessories, #rd Party Mobile Hardware Accessories, Landline Telephone Accessories, etc)
  • We Are Certified Female Owned Company So All Wireless Order Management and Wireless Accessory Orders Would Go Against Your Diversity Spend
  • 96% of Our Orders Go Out The Same Day
  • We Do All of Our Own Distribution, No Third Party Involved
  • Easy and Simple Return Policies
  • Flexible Billing Options: We allow you to choose the billing that is best for your company. We offer per P.O, one monthly bill for entire company, per cost center, per order, etc
  • We Provide The Best Support In The Industry: our Help Center is in the U.S. All call will be answered by experienced, knowledgeable, and on site staff members who will assist you
  • We Can Do All Your Wireless Order Management or Just The Wireless Accessory Order Management
  • No Contract Required
  • We Can Work with the TEM You Already have In Place. We Work with The Top TEMs In The Country Supplying Wireless Accessories
  • We Provide Services to Some of The Largest Companies In The World

For more information on the best wireless accessory order management program in the country or to find out how to reduce your accessory cost contact us at (877) 284-3031 or at sales@onesourcemobile.com. You can find us on Facebook as well.