Telecom Audit

One question we get a lot from both small and large companies from across the country, is how often should your company be performing a telecom audit?

Well it is actually better not to do a telecom audit on a monthly basis especially when it comes to the wireless side of your telecommunications.   One of the primary keys to an effective telecom audit is the validity, accuracy, and time frames of the data you are using to perform the actual telecom audit.

Data is king when it comes to an effective telecom audit.  You have to have data that is valid.  In other words your billing data for an audit has to be relevant and gathered within a reasonable time period.  The data has to be accurate.  This simply means it has to be applied correctly to end users and it has to be compiled accurately for the telecom audit being performed.  Finally, the billing data has to have been acquired from a relevant time timeframe.  It would make no sense to use three months of data from 2008 billings to do a telecommunications audit and expect to see accurate saving and cost reduction today.  This is especially true on a wireless telecom audit.

So to answer the basic question how often should your company be doing billing analysis, we would recommend that someone does a major review of the bills each month to find any deviations that stand out (fraud, miss-billing, etc).  Then perform a full fledge line by line audit, user by user, for all your corporate users each quarter.  This will give you a better chance of grabbing valid, accurate, and timely data that if audited correctly will give you an appropriate end result.

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