Telecom Audit Services

Telcom Audit Services

Did you know One Source Mobile can provide your company a telecom audit with no upfront cost and no overall cost for our services! One Source Mobile has done telecom audits on over 100,000 corporate bills. Our results are proven. We save our Customers 32% on average off of their telecom cost. We have worked with hundreds of companies to offer them a full telecom audit.

No Cost Telecom Audit:

We offer our Customers the ability to have a telecom audit done with no cost via our shared savings telecom audit option. One Source Mobile offers choices when it comes to how your company would like to be billed for the telecom auditing services we provide. One of our most popular options is what we call a shared savings billing solution. This allows your company to have a full audit done at no cost to your company. No upfront cost and no cost for the services at all. We perform a full telecom audit and simply share a percentage of the savings that we find. The shared savings model has been one of most popular telecom audit offers. It allows our Customers to have no upfront cost, no service fees, and no program cost overall. We simply share any savings that we find for your company. The program is easy to understand, simple to implement, and our average savings is 32%.

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Best Telecom Audit:

• We look at more than 25 key areas of your telecom bills to find smart and effective cost reduction strategies that will help your company save money on your corporate telecom program.
• We have done over 100,000 telecom bill audits. We are experienced and a proven leader in the industry.
• We have the top Telecom Specialist in the country standing by to work with you and to show you how to increase telecom program efficiency and decrease telecom program cost.
• We have a no cost solution that is based on shared savings so we are driven to do the best work for you and your company.
• We have worked with hundreds of companies to reduce their telecom cost. Our average Customer reduces their corporate telecom cost by 32%.

One Source Mobile is a respected leader in the telecom auditing industry and has developed the best telecom audit program when it comes to saving and program efficiency. We work with the Fortune 500 all the way down to the small business sector. You will find our services to be extremely effective when it comes to gaining control over your telecom bills and reducing telecom cost overall.

Contact us at (877) 284-3031 or e-mail us at support@onesourcemobile.com to speak to one of our Telecom Specialist today!