Contract Management

Wireless Contract Management Services


One Source Mobile has been helping corporations manage their wireless Carrier contracts for years. Our analyst have a proven track record of helping our customers monitor and manage their corporate wireless Carrier contracts. One Source Mobile will oversee the management of your corporate cellular phone and mobile device contracts and services agreement with any and all Wireless Carriers that your company is currently utilizing.

contractsOne Source Mobile will keep on file accurate copies of your wireless service agreements, contracts, and other records with wireless carriers that specify the pricing, terms and conditions of wireless services provided. We will even help you negotiate your wireless/cellular Carriercontract(s) once they become due.

We Will Provide The Following Wireless Contract Management Services:

  • Monitor key events associated with wireless service contracts and mobile device agreements including, but not limited to: expiration dates, annual review dates, thresholds for additional discounts, notification deadlines for various contract or agreement options, etc. One Source Mobile will provide your company a listing of the upcoming key events with potential recommended actions on at least a quarterly basis.
  • Monitor spending levels, service line counts, or other measurable indicators. The intent will be to track your company’s attainment of any commitment levels or spending obligations. One Source Mobile your company of strategies to address potential shortfall scenarios.
  • Meet regularly with your company to develop wireless strategy and guidance for dealing with wireless carrier(s) contract(s) related issues, practical strategies for achieving optimal pricing or service terms, and methods to maximize negotiation strength with wireless carriers.
  • Advise your company on how your mobile device contracts or cellular agreements might be impacted by changes in the wireless telecommunications industry or by new wireless service offerings and assist with developing strategies to include new, or terminate old, technical services into their carrier contracts or agreements

Top Mobile Accessory Program

One Source Mobile has the top mobile accessory program in the country.  We have developed a corporate based mobile accessories program that gives companies the chance to reduce accessory cost by 28.6% on average below the Carriers best corporate accessory discounts.  We offer flexible accessory billing options, a free custom ordering portal, easy return process, and full reporting on all mobile accessory purchases.  We give you a single place to buy mobile accessories for all carriers, all devices, and all brands.  What we give our Customers the most is the peace of mind of knowing they have the overall best value when it comes to ordering mobile accessories for their corporate mobile device users.  Don’t forget to ask about a free mobile accessory program for your employees as well.  Let us pass our service and savings onto your employees as well!

Telecom Expense Management

One Source Mobile offers the top Telecom Expense Management Solutions in the industry.  The One Source Mobile Telecom Expense Management services will allow you to manage every aspect of your corporate mobile program.  Our TEM Services solutions will give you full control over your mobile program.  Our Single Point of Contact approach along with our top Telecom Expense management software will give you the visibility, control, and savings your company is looking for when it comes to managing your wireless services.