Reduce Corporate Cellular Cost

Reduce Corporate Cellular Cost:

How does a company go about reducing corporate cellular cost these days?  In order to reduce corporate cellular cost, you have to really understand how an effective corporate cellular program works.

Effective corporate cellular programs need to have a direction.  This means your corporate cellular program should have a clear written plan.   I am not talking aboutcorporate cellular policy that is coming up later in our article.  A corporate cellular program should have a clearly written business plan that includes goals for your corporate cellular program.  One of these goals should always be to reduce corporate cost overall and to reduce corporate cellular cost.

  1. Plans To Reduce Corporate Cellular Cost
  2. Corporate Cellular Business Plan
  3. Corporate Cellular Goals
  4. A Strategy on How to Reduce Corporate Cost

How to Reduce Corporate Cellular Cost

Once you have developed your corporate cellular program plan then you can start to focus on wireless cost reduction.  There are five primary areas that companies can focus on to reduce corporate cellular cost.  Each of these areas will need to be addressed to reduce corporate phone cost within your company.

Cellular Contract Management:

To effectivley reduce cellular cost you will need to manage corporate contracts effectively.  By reviewing all of your current corporate contracts, and especially your corporate cellular contracts, you will be able to gauge exactly what you like and do not like about your current contracts.  Start to manage your corporate agreements on a regular basis.   Schedule a quarterly review of all your wireless agreements.  If you do not have the time or skill set to do a thorough job of managing your corporate cellular agreements then out source it.  One Source Mobile has works with companies all over the country providing services to help them manage and negotiate the best corporate cellular contracts.

Cellular Billing Analysis:

Cellular bill analysis and cellular rate plan optimization are critical to controlling cost.  You have to review your bills on a regular basis and create data that will allow you to understand your current cellular cost.  Without cellular phone cost breakdowns and corporate cellular spend data, you have a very slim chance of really reducing corporate cellular cost.  One again, if you cannot do this on a monthly basis due to lack of knowledge or time, get a company that can.  One Source Mobile saves its customers 32% on average in this area.  What does that mean?  One Source Mobile can help you reduce your corporate cellular cost by 32% on average.  We do all the work, and you get all the credit!

Cellular Policy:

Once you have a good wireless agreement in place and have gained control over your corporate wireless spend now it is time to review your cellular policy.  Your cellular policy should be in line with your goals for reducing corporate cellular cost and controlling how end users utilize the corporate cellular phone.   Your corporate cellular policy should be put into writing and you should have each and every employee sign and accept the cellular policy your company puts into place.

Corporate Cellular Administrative Time :

The amount of time and resource a company spend trying to monitor, manage, and reduce corporate cellular cost has to be monitored.  If you spend too much time then you could find that you are actually not reducung cost, but increasing them.  A good case in point, One Source Mobile sat down with a company that wanted to discuss their program so they took advantage of One Source Mobile’s free program review service.  After completing the review the One Source Mobile team was thoroughly impressed.  The management of this company’s cellular program was the best we had seen, and with 8,000 mobile devices in place this was no easy thing to accomplish.  As the One Source Mobile team was getting ready to exit the call one of our team members asked on final question, “how many employees  do you have working on your corporate cellular program to manage the program”?  The answer was 14 employees.  The company had 14 fulltime employees working to manage their account at a cost of approximately $700.000.00 a year.  Needless to say the job they had done became much less impressive.  In the end they had actually increased their over corporate wireless cost substantially.  Yes the program was managed well, but the cost to manage it was totally out of line.  Make sure you monitor the time your company is spending to reduce corporate cellular cost.

Reduce Cell Phone Cost:

How much time do your corporate mobile device end users spend trying to use the tools you have provided to them verses actually using them?  Make sure you monitor satisfaction levels and the amount of time your end users are spending trying to learn how to use their communications tools.


Corporate America has adapted to the Blackberry.  The Blackberry has become an extremely effective tool if used well.  With every smart tool comes the need for understanding.  Employees need to know how to use Blackberry effectively.  Blackberry training services are a must especially if you are juts rolling Blackberrys out.  We recommend Blackberry training even as a refresher course for most of our companies.  It is amazing how much more productive your end users can be with a simple thirty minute Blackberry training.  One Source Mobile has perfected Blackberry Training.  The key is time.  One Source Mobile has a Blackberry training that is effective and will immediately have an impact on your bottom line by increasing your end users effectiveness utilizing the blackberry and decreasing the time your end users spend trying to use the device.  Make sure you monitor your end users and the time they spend not using a device productively.

Reduce Coporate Cellular Cost Today!

If your company wants to reduce cellular cost then you company should review each of these key mobile device management areas.  You should have a strategy on how to reduce yourr corporate cellular cost in each of these five areas.   Reducing corporate cellular cost in each of these areas will immediately allow you not only to see reduced corporate cost, but to see an increase in your cellular programs efficiency.  It should also escalate your internal service levels for your users.

If you would like to find out more about One Source Mobile’s services that will help you reduce your corporate cellular cost by 32% you can e-mail us or you can call us at (887) 284-3031.  Find out why so many companies use One Source Mobile for mobile device management services.

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