Lower Corporate 411 Cost

411 Directory Assistance Cost:

The cost for using 411 Directory Assistance on your cell phone is about to get pricey again.  Verizon has informed its vendors that there is a 411 Directory Assistance price increase coming soon.  The increase will raise the cost for accessing 411 calls for both consumer and business accounts to $1.99 in the next few months.  The increase will go into place for consumer accounts on February 1 and for business accounts on March 1.

Rising 411 Directory Assistance Cost:

The last time a major Carrier adjusted their 411 Directory Assistance cost, most of the other major Carriers followed in their path.  This means we could be seeing a raise for all Carriers on 411 Directory assistance cost.

411 Directory Assistance Options:

There are alternatives to dialing 411 Directory Assistance and incurring these charges.  There is 800-FREE411 and 800-GOOG411.  Just like free radio and free TV these services are supported by advertising, so are these free 411 services.  So when you or your employee’s calls, you or your employees will be forced to listen to a short sales pitch for a product before you get your number.  This can eat up cellular minutes and mobile device calling time as well as your employee’s time.  The other problem is that only about 52% of the time will you actually be able to get an accurate listing from a Free 411 service.  This means your employees are going to immediately go right back to using the expensive Carrier 411 Directory Assistance cost.

411 Cost Savings:

There are good solutions out there for companies spending too much on their 411 Directory Assistance services.  Corporate 411 services are big these days.  The best way to reduce corporate 411 Directory assistance cost is to definitely use a 411 Directory Assistance service other than the Carriers.  Even if your company is using a Free 411 service then you should consider getting a paid 411 Directory Assistance service as a backup.  As I mentioned before, only about half the Free 411 calls are ever completed.  What do you think your employee does after they do not get the Free 411 service to work?  They call the Carriers 411.  Now you are paying anywhere from $1.50 to $1.90 for a 411 call.  This can add up quick.

Best Corporate Directory assistance Service:

Make sure you have a 411 Directory Assistance solution for your company.  We recommend www.osm411.com.  The starting rate at OSM411.com is only 65 cents a call.  Your company will most likely get additional discounts based on the volume of 411 calls your company makes.  This means right away you will be paying 57% to 66% less than you would if you use the Carriers 411 services.  That is a lot of 411 Directory Assistance savings.

Controlling Corporate 411 Cost:

So keep an eye on those cell phone bills as this 411 price increase will be showing up on your bills real soon.  Even if your service is not with Verizon you should start looking for alternatives to your traditional 411 service, as it is likely that other carriers will be initiating their own 411 price increases in the near future.

Controlling corporate 411 costs and controlling corporate directory assistance cost can be easy.  You just have to be committed to doing it.  You have to create a plan to really work on reducing the 411 cost.  Your company has to be willing to do the work, but I can assure you the work you will have to do will not compare to the savings that your company will see, and if you use OSM411.com they will actually do almost all of the work for you.  So go ahead and get started reducing your corporate cost by finally putting an effective cost control solution regarding 411 Directory Assistance at your company today.  Good Luck

For more information on Corporate 411 Directory Assistance services you can contact us at support@onesourcemobile.com.  We would be glad to have you discuss this with one of our Corporate Cost Reduction Specialist.

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