One Source Mobile’s Company Profile


One Source Mobile is dedicated to taking an unbiased approach to mobile device managementTelecom expense management, and wireless device management services. We make it easier, faster, and less expensive for corporations to understand, define, acquire, implement, analyze, audit, optimize, and stay in control of their corporate mobile device costs and to manage their corporate wireless program and services.

Who We Are (Our Track Record)

  • Over 75 years of combined years of wireless experience with a primary focus on National and Federal Accounts
  • Servicing the needs of more than 350 corporate Clients and over 725,000 corporate end users
  • Partnerships with top wireless Carriers in the country (AT&T, Sprint/Nextel, T Mobile, Verizon, and regional Carriers as well regional carriers
  • Independently owned WBENC Certified Woman Owned TEM business (minority status)
  • Our proprietary online wireless management software solution will provide your company a single stop solution which allows you to centrally manage all your cellular and Blackberry procurement for all wireless Carriers, all wireless devices, and all wireless plans through a single point of contact and wireless fulfillment process. Now you can track mobile device assets, and see detailed executive reports on mobile device and corporate wireless spend
  • One Source Mobile is one of the largest corporate wireless accessory providers in the country. We distribute both OEM and aftermarket accessories to top corporate and federal accounts.
  • Implemented more than 125,000 individual wireless devices to corporate and government customers
  • Fulfill more than 30,000 service request a year
  • Recognized as one of top performing wireless optimization companies in the country with an average cost savings of 32% per customer
  • Our online reporting tool allows instance access to detailed executive reporting and data on your wireless program. Our reporting makes allows you to make the intelligent decision regarding your corporate mobile device program.
  • We take an unbiased approach when it comes to mobile device management and corporate wireless services. We represent the customer, not the Carriers.
  • A full offering of wireless management services and TEM services which will allow you to gain control, see key wireless spend data, and to reduce corporate wireless cost all in one place. One Source Mobile provides a total proprietary wireless management solution that will allow your company to fulfill all of its requirements when it comes to mobile device management.
  • One Source Mobile’s approach reduces administrative time & expense for your employees by managing the day to day activities of the mobile device program. One Source Mobile employs a multiple Carrier non biased cradle-to-grave life cycle management solution.


One Source Mobile has been providing TEM and wireless device management services to our Clients for over nine years. One Source Mobile currently has over 350 corporate accounts. Our Clients represent over 725,000 corporate end users. These customers include many of the Fortune 1000 as well as City, State, Federal Government accounts.


One Source Mobiles nationally recognized wireless Management team is know for their experience. Each of them has had major impact on the wireless market and the implementation and optimization of wireless devices within corporate America. Combined the team has worked with over 2700 companies to help them define, implement, maximize, and control their wireless and mobile device programs. They have been responsible for over 125,000 wireless devices being implemented within corporate America. One Source Mobile is a minority owned TEM company.

Top Mobile Accessory Program

One Source Mobile has the top mobile accessory program in the country.  We have developed a corporate based mobile accessories program that gives companies the chance to reduce accessory cost by 28.6% on average below the Carriers best corporate accessory discounts.  We offer flexible accessory billing options, a free custom ordering portal, easy return process, and full reporting on all mobile accessory purchases.  We give you a single place to buy mobile accessories for all carriers, all devices, and all brands.  What we give our Customers the most is the peace of mind of knowing they have the overall best value when it comes to ordering mobile accessories for their corporate mobile device users.  Don’t forget to ask about a free mobile accessory program for your employees as well.  Let us pass our service and savings onto your employees as well!

Telecom Expense Management

One Source Mobile offers the top Telecom Expense Management Solutions in the industry.  The One Source Mobile Telecom Expense Management services will allow you to manage every aspect of your corporate mobile program.  Our TEM Services solutions will give you full control over your mobile program.  Our Single Point of Contact approach along with our top Telecom Expense management software will give you the visibility, control, and savings your company is looking for when it comes to managing your wireless services.