One Source Mobile Has The Top Telecom Affiliate Program

Now You Can Partner With One Source Mobile:

One Source Mobile is one of the top mobile device service providers in the country to some of the top corporations in the world.   We have a track record success and our results are proven.

The Affiliate Opportunity:

Now One Source Mobile is offering a unique affiliate program that will allow both industry professionals and non industry professionals to partner with our company.  As a One Source Mobile Affiliate, you will be able to work hand in hand with one of the top mobile device management companies in the country.  You will be a part of the best in the industry and enhance your credibility with your current Customers by recommending One Source Mobile’s services to key buyers within the accounts you already work with at your company.  You will demonstrate to your clients a commitment to professionalism by aligning yourself with One Source Mobile a mobile deice company that has built its reputation by delivering the mobile industry’s highest standards.

The Program Is Simple:

• Sign up for One Source Mobile’s Affiliate Program.
• Use the key business contacts that you already have in place as a result of the relationships you have in your current industry or position.
• Make a warm introduction between your Client and One Source Mobile,
• You get referral compensated for simply introducing One Source Mobile and our services to your Customers and into your account,
• Our Affiliates come from many different industries including Senior Account Managers, National Account Managers, Accounting Firms, Landline Companies and Consultants, Aquisition & Mergers Companies, Venture Capital Companies, and many other industries as well,
• If you are a professional or a company that has great relationships with key corporate decision makers then you would be a great candidate to become a One Source Mobile Associate.

Your Customer Will Be the Winner:

• One Source Mobile’s team of mobile industry experts will provide your Customer with a free mobile device program evaluation.
• Your Customer will be provided key insight into their current program and how they can maximize the program effectiveness and reduce their cost at the same time.
• One Source Mobile will show your Customers ways to dramatically reduce their mobile, device program cost.
• We have a proven record of success when it comes to helping our Clients.
• Our average Customer saves well over 32% by utilizing our services.

Whether you are looking to work as a One Source Mobile Affiliate full time or simply earn some extra money by using the connections that you have in the corporate world, One Source Mobile’s Associate Program has proven to be a great success for the people that we team up with, and the companies that we end up helping as a result of the introductions that our Affiliates make for us.  This is a win win program.  For more information on our program, please e-mail us or call us at (877) 284-3031.

Top Mobile Accessory Program

One Source Mobile has the top mobile accessory program in the country.  We have developed a corporate based mobile accessories program that gives companies the chance to reduce accessory cost by 28.6% on average below the Carriers best corporate accessory discounts.  We offer flexible accessory billing options, a free custom ordering portal, easy return process, and full reporting on all mobile accessory purchases.  We give you a single place to buy mobile accessories for all carriers, all devices, and all brands.  What we give our Customers the most is the peace of mind of knowing they have the overall best value when it comes to ordering mobile accessories for their corporate mobile device users.  Don’t forget to ask about a free mobile accessory program for your employees as well.  Let us pass our service and savings onto your employees as well!

Telecom Expense Management

One Source Mobile offers the top Telecom Expense Management Solutions in the industry.  The One Source Mobile Telecom Expense Management services will allow you to manage every aspect of your corporate mobile program.  Our TEM Services solutions will give you full control over your mobile program.  Our Single Point of Contact approach along with our top Telecom Expense management software will give you the visibility, control, and savings your company is looking for when it comes to managing your wireless services.